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Why choose Geotechnical Ltd?

•  Our water well drilling services can provide a one stop shop for all your water needs, from the initial geological prognosis, the drilling, to the installation of the borehole pump and further treatment if required.

•  Our Boreholes are constructed to the highest standards and use Boode PVC Casing and Screens (see www.boode.com ), which is the only PVC Borehole liner that has been UK tested and certified for use in potable systems by the DWI, which is backed by DEFRA.

•  You can be assured that all pumping equipment installed either above or below surface is of the highest quality.

•  Borehole pumps are fabricated from stainless steel and come from reputable brands such as Grundfos, Lowara, DAB.

•  All our borehole pumps are powered by Franklin Electric motors.

•  All pumping equipment comes with a 1 year warranty against defect or failure.

Reduce your water bills with a private water well. Call Geotechnical Ltd on

Water wells in the West Midlands

With water being seen as an ever more valuable commodity and with a changing and unpredictable climate, water wells or water boreholes are fast becoming the way to secure your supply and save money at the same time.


Stage 1: Prognosis

All we need to get things going is the postcode of the location where you require the water and an idea of the type of use and/or volumes required. Our hydrogeologist will then locate and identify the site and its underlying geology using our collection of geological maps. Using other references including previously drilled local borehole logs, we will be able to give a good idea of the depth, quantity and sometimes the quality of water beneath the surface. Although as we always say ‘you don’t know what you’re going to get until you drill the hole’.

Stage 2: Site visit

Once we know there is likely to be water beneath the surface one of our engineers will come out to visit site to mark out the best location for the borehole. In all but the rarest of cases, locating a borehole is really based on ease of access to existing services and ease of access for the drilling equipment. Our engineer will also talk you through the processes involved.


Stage 3: Drilling and testing

Provided you are happy with us and our quote we will mobilise the drilling equipment to site to begin drilling your borehole. This generally takes no more than a week, in which time the rig will be set up, the borehole drilled and then lined with PVC liner. Following drilling and liner installation the borehole will then be airlifted. This cleans the hole and gravel pack of any unwanted debris and also allows us to quantify how much water is available from the borehole. We will also take a sample which will be sent away for analysis.

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Stage 4: Pump installation and header works

Once the quality and quantity of water available in your well has been established, the correct pumping set up can then be installed. This may or can also include treatment equipment such as softeners or UV sterilisers. The borehole itself and much of the control gear can be hidden away in a discrete concrete chamber leaving very little surface evidence of your well. Borehole supplies can be connected to feed straight into your existing mains network, all you have to do is isolate the mains supply.

Why have your own borehole:

•  Savings can be as high as 98% compared to mains rates.

•  Constant pressure and supply, even in droughts.

•  No licence needed if supply is under 20,000 litres per day.

•  Avoids hosepipe restrictions.

•  Can be used to heat you home (see Geothermal Energy section).

•  Since 2003, deregulation has now made it easy for anyone to own their own water supply.


Why have previously drilled boreholes for:

Commercial Users:




Steel Works



Car Showrooms

Plastic Moulding companies

Leisure Centres



Golf Clubs

Mineral Water suppliers

Residential or Domestic:

Single dwellings

Small communal systems

Remote New Builds

Nursing Homes